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Welcome to my website! I have two websites, East Germany and England Sports.

They focus on the routes between the Gulf of Danzig and Manchester. There are East German ports near the Gulf of Danzig. Manchester sits near Ireland. I studied at Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic Institute in Russia. I'm from Texas originally and I live in Washington, DC. The Virginians are ethnically Prussian. They speak in a regional dialect and they celebrate seasonal holidays.

Donna Welles

The Germans have developed radios that can send long distance transmissions with precision. The radios are used for internal security and to control infantry movements. There are military academies in Berlin, Dresden, and Potsdam. Lviv, Ukraine is near the border with Poland. There are likely labor leaders in Warsaw who manage trade through the Gulf of Danzig. It seems like there are large airbases near Warsaw. Lubeck is a German port near Poland. In East Germany and Czechoslovakia there are historical anecdotes about labor strikes. Chemical munitions are likely developed near Dresden. There were dive bomber training schools in Dresden. Earlier this summer there were reports about labor strikes in Germany. (August 19, 2020)

I follow the hockey league really closely. I am from Texas and when I was little we would drive to Dallas to watch the Stars play. Now I live in Washington, DC. I met Tom Wilson at an auto show. I got there early and I was the first in line to meet him. Tom Wilson is from Toronto and he played in the Toronto Youth Hockey League. Ilya Kovalchuk played on the team in Saint Petersburg. I studied at Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic Institute. Those are my two favorite players on the team. (August 16, 2020)

I am a graduate student at Catholic University of America here in Washington, DC. I am taking LSC 551 Organization of Information and LSC 615 Metadata this fall. I went to UT-Austin for undergrad and then I studied at Georgia Tech for graduate school. I am studying library science at CUA and I am focusing on digital libraries. There are comments that can be made about library science as an engineering discipline. Each science field is vulnerable to criticism. Biology might be easy to a chemist. Physics might be easy to a chemist. Chemistry might be easy to a physicist. I speak Russian and I can read the Russian-language internet. It might be that library science isn't science. But not all electrical engineers think software engineers are real engineers. I try to study radio technology because the Europeans build large radio towers. There is a famous radio tower in Prague called 'Radio Free Europe'. Generally, Europeans develop radio technology. I am studying library science because the Europeans study library science. For whatever reason, Germans build libraries a lot and so many library texts are written in German. (August 15, 2020)